Blog#10: The Battle of the Streaming Services!

“Disney And Apple TV Plus Are Big Because Others Laid The Groundwork” this is the title that I will be using for story number 4. This video talks about how the new “Disney +” streaming service will take over other streaming services. There is so much competition among these popular streaming services around the world today. Most people have “Netflix” and with “Disney +” being recently released they have gained millions of new subscribers. I feel like it is all about the certain content that are being put on that particular streaming service. As we look at the caption under the video we see that streaming services like “Disney +” and “Amazon Prime” along with many other streaming services that are taking over regular cable that you have on your television. If you have a service that showcases movies and television shows and, most of them appeal to your audience then it is likely that you will gain more people looking at your service. Maybe one day cable will cease to exist and people will stream on either their phones or computers. We will just have to see what the future holds and hope that there won’t be a huge battle between the streaming services.

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Blog 9:Exploring the “NEWSY” Site!

At first glance of exploring “NEWSY” I see a whole bunch of stories related to “Politics”. Looking at the other categories like “Science/ Health” and “Entertainment” I can see that they incorporate many stories that are popular in social media or on television. I also found some “Documentaries” and “Shows” that had seemed very interesting to me. The first video that I viewed is called, “Hustlers’ Posts Record- Breaking Debut To Go Along With Its Oscar Buzz”. It basically talks about the movie “Hustlers” which starred Jennifer Lopez and it made a lot of money in the box office ahead of other popular movies. Another video that I viewed is called, “Streaming And Binge- Watching Have Changed The Way TV Shows Are Written” which talks about, the big selection of shows or movies that you can watch on a certain streaming service. Also, how the scripts are fairly different from shows that are on a television. The final video that I viewed is called, “Smog In New Delhi Causes Public Health Emergency” which talks about smog in the capital of India that is causing multiple health problems to the people who live there. By looking at these different stories I definitely could learn so much information!

Blog 8: Hyperlocal News

Hyperlocal news sites are expanding and advancing in many regions around the world. As I was exploring the different kinds of sites I choose three that really caught my attention. The first one is called, “Big World Magazine” and it includes various stories about cultures, foods, people, and sports. Some other aspects are a set of some good blogs written by other people and a section all about advertising. The second one is called, “The Outer Banks Voice” which includes the weather for the day and provides a top story section. It also has sections for stories about wellness, community, and real estate. Banks Voice also has videos that go along with specific articles, which to me is pretty cool. The third one is called, “” which includes, stories about, speakers/ trainers and map the movement. What really stuck out to me was that they have different webinars listed and, how this specific website is scattered all throughout America to help many communities. Overall I enjoyed looking at these different hyperlocal sites and, they have truly gave me some insight into what is happening in the world on a daily basis.

Guest Speaker:Wayne Garcia

Today in class Professor and intern Wayne Garcia came into class to talk about radio and audio productions. He gave us some useful insight into the USF radio show that is on daily which talks about the local news within Tampa. He also showed us some examples of the different news stories that he wrote, from students getting flu shots, to talking about our home baseball team the Tampa Bay Rays. What really caught my attention was how he showed us a video that was created by a graduate from the University of South Florida. I really enjoyed hearing what Garcia was talking about and, I would love to have him as a teacher sometime in the future so he can help me reach my goals and or dreams for the future. I am go glad that Professor Gaspar asked him to come speak in our class, I really enjoyed it!

Blog 7: Let Us Take a Trip to The Beach!

A topic that I would be interested in for my photojournalism project would be one about Clearwater Beach in Florida. I would like to take pictures of the ocean of course as well as some of the street performers, restaurants, people having a good time on the beach and maybe even a picture of a marine animal if I can get a picture of one. The reason why I picked a beach is, because it is one of my favorite places to visit. I love hearing the sounds of the waves and having my feet in the soft white sand. But the one picture that I would be excited to take would be one of the sunset as it touches the ocean. To be able to see that in person is so beautiful and it truly captivates me to another dimension. I feel like showing people a beach that is well known and very popular during spring break and the summer time will give them a reassurance that they might want to take a trip back. The beach is a place where people can find peace and happiness, and that is good for the human body. So, for this project I hope to give people back the memories that they had about Clearwater Beach here in the Sunshine state, Florida.

Blog 6: Service Journalism:Clyde Butcher

The type of story that I will be doing is going to be a personality profile on the life and story behind a photographer. His name is Clyde Butcher who had visited Cuba and takes you on a special journey through the beautiful country through experiences and photos. I would start my story off with a mini biography about him and the places that he visited in Cuba. I then will go on to talk about the different photographs that he has taken and why he has chosen to take pictures of certain beautiful locations. I think that adding why his pictures could help a community in a positive way are inspirational. I hope that my story will bring to light the artistic talent of Butcher. As I look at his black and white photographs, I noticed that they look very old fashioned which truly stood out to me. I feel like his work will inspire me because I myself, want to take amazing photos while also incorporating a journalistic aspect to it.

Blog 5: The Focus of the Story

Ever conducted an interview where it gave you a new outlook on certain aspects in life? Mrs. Jones and myself were in that quiet room discussing about her teaching career. From experiences and subjects to certain backgrounds I felt like this interview could go on forever. From listening, to learning and recording, as an HCC student this interview was very important to me. Knowing the whole process was going to go well, I was still a little nervous about how the interview would turned out.

So, a question I asked, what schools have you taught, and for how many years? According to Jones herself “I taught at Chamberlain High School for about 17 years and Buchanan Middle School for eight years” she stated. I felt like she must have way more experiences that would take days to talk about. Not every teacher has as many years of teaching, but most have the same views on schools and it’s subjects provided. What were the subjects that you taught while being a teacher in high school? This was another question that popped up which, according to Jones, “Social Studies” was her response to me. In that moment I thought, wow, we both have the same favorite subject to learn about, but in her case teaching. As the questions kept being asked, the more responses I had received. Sure there are methods that I used and I found out that it was very helpful. This interview has given me a lot of thought and I am going to put those thoughts onto paper someday in my career.