The 80’s Decade!!

Wish you can go back in time to a decade where life was different than what it is now? Mine would have to be the 80’s because of great music, films and of course the style of clothing. People were not judgmental or hateful towards each other everyone was fairly getting along. People were self independent and did not care what others thought. This is where the clothing comes in, people would wear basically whatever and look like a model. But the movies during this time are what get me, “Back to the Future” and “The Breakfast Club” are some of my all- time favorites for sure. Music during this time is a totally different story, the band Queen is one band that I love listening to, their music makes me smile. I can listen to a song and just jam out and dance around like crazy. This decade was so groundbreaking, full of dancing, music, movies, and self- expression.

Confidence is the Best Medicine!!

Being confident is a great way to express yourself and for you to show self love. Showing off your beauty and personality is a great way to boost your self esteem. I feel like being confident definitely makes you feel very happy and other people will take notice. Do not let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful because you are always. I personally am big on self confidence and, I just let people know that they are worth it. Loving yourself before anyone else is essential because, if you do not love yourself that is not good for your health. Doubting yourself is an negative aspect you have to say to yourself that you can do it and, as long as your try that is all that matters. Being “perfect” does not exist because no one is we all have our flaws but, we can work on them. Remember this, you are loved and you can accomplish anything. Reach for your dreams and shoot for the stars!!

Summer Plans to do in Florida!!

Thinking about where you want to travel to for your next vacation? Florida is a place with many attractions and fun places to visit. From beaches to theme parks to even festivals, Florida is a great vacation spot. The beach is a fun way for you to relax in the sun and enjoy the nice ocean waters. Theme parks like, “Walt Disney World” or “Universal Studios” are places with many great rides and beautiful shows to watch. Many festivals happen as well like “Orlando Summer Jam Fest” and “Summer Fest”, amazing music and tons of fun. Also, staying to watch the Florida sunsets will take your breath away, because of its beauty. Visiting some of the historic spots in Florida are incredible to see. St. Augustine is full of history, and is definitely a great learning experience. So, if you have no clue what you want to do during your summer break, come to Florida because I promise you will not regret it. Hope everyone has a great Summer 2020 and always have fun!!

Machine will Take Over the Workplace

Ever thought about how the future will look like, some people would say flying cars or holograms. But ever thought about machines taking over your place of work? Businesses mostly are replacing their employees with machines which lowers the rate of workers. For example “Home Depot”, there are no cashiers available except maybe one or two. They are all self checkout which I find a little risky. Complications can occur for example if the machine is not scanning your items or someone not getting their receipt. It’s not just “Home Depot” that I have witnessed doing this. “Five Below” is another place where they completely replaced their cashiers with machines and, that just makes me confused. In fast food restaurants kiosks are being place where you can order your meals and pay for it. Why take away peoples jobs, people need jobs in order to make a living and or profit. Many people have opinions about this topic but I am against it for sure, machines are not a solution always.

Big Movies of 2019!!

Many incredible films came out in 2019 but, were there ones that many people will remember? I feel like many films that came out this past year had many messages to them. For example, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” had a message of bravery and power. Many films like “Avengers: Endgame” and “Spider – Man Far From Home” resembled the Marvel universe in such an action packed way. When it comes to the more serious films like “Joker” there is somewhat of a dark eerie feeling. Disney also made some big movies in the year 2019, “Aladdin” and “The Lion King” both live action films. Some might think that the actors and plot make a film complete but, I feel like the music makes it amazing. “Parasite” is probably the most talked film that came out in 2019. It was awarded best picture and, that is a first for a foreign film. To me that is truly incredible they made history in the academy awards!! I hope that some great films will come out in 2020 because, movies are a way to relate or escape reality. Is there a film that you liked in 2019? Was it one that you can relate to in your everyday life?

Blog#10: The Battle of the Streaming Services!

“Disney And Apple TV Plus Are Big Because Others Laid The Groundwork” this is the title that I will be using for story number 4. This video talks about how the new “Disney +” streaming service will take over other streaming services. There is so much competition among these popular streaming services around the world today. Most people have “Netflix” and with “Disney +” being recently released they have gained millions of new subscribers. I feel like it is all about the certain content that are being put on that particular streaming service. As we look at the caption under the video we see that streaming services like “Disney +” and “Amazon Prime” along with many other streaming services that are taking over regular cable that you have on your television. If you have a service that showcases movies and television shows and, most of them appeal to your audience then it is likely that you will gain more people looking at your service. Maybe one day cable will cease to exist and people will stream on either their phones or computers. We will just have to see what the future holds and hope that there won’t be a huge battle between the streaming services.

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Blog 9:Exploring the “NEWSY” Site!

At first glance of exploring “NEWSY” I see a whole bunch of stories related to “Politics”. Looking at the other categories like “Science/ Health” and “Entertainment” I can see that they incorporate many stories that are popular in social media or on television. I also found some “Documentaries” and “Shows” that had seemed very interesting to me. The first video that I viewed is called, “Hustlers’ Posts Record- Breaking Debut To Go Along With Its Oscar Buzz”. It basically talks about the movie “Hustlers” which starred Jennifer Lopez and it made a lot of money in the box office ahead of other popular movies. Another video that I viewed is called, “Streaming And Binge- Watching Have Changed The Way TV Shows Are Written” which talks about, the big selection of shows or movies that you can watch on a certain streaming service. Also, how the scripts are fairly different from shows that are on a television. The final video that I viewed is called, “Smog In New Delhi Causes Public Health Emergency” which talks about smog in the capital of India that is causing multiple health problems to the people who live there. By looking at these different stories I definitely could learn so much information!